Man of the Year

Isaac Koth

My name is Isaac Koth! I am a junior at Southeast Missouri State University studying to become a movie director. I got into photography about 2 years ago and love to see people smile and actually find joy from their pictures! I am apart of the Sigma Nu fraternity on campus.

For the past semester, I have been hanging out with all of the Alpha Chi’s! Since then, I have been absolutely amazed by their community inclusion and their philanthropic dedication! They bring joy to my heart every single time I am around them!

As soon as I heard they needed a Man Of The Year, I was instantly intrigued! I wanted to show my love for them as they have shown their love towards me! I will never forget the night they chose me to be their MOTY! I was filled with excitement and happiness! As soon as I got the title, I fell in love with not only the sorority, but every single girl! They’re so kind, thoughtful, beautiful, and overall outstanding with every effort!

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