Homecoming: Homecoming is held during the fall and it is a great time to bond with your sisters! Our chapter is paired with a fraternity and we participate in various events and activities throughout the week. Everyone works together to help build the homecoming float. At the end of the week is the homecoming parade where our float is put on display to the entire community!

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Greek Week: This week long event is held annually in the spring. It includes various activities, starting with Greek Games one weekend and ending with all Greek chapter in the next weekend. A variety of service projects are also done throughout the week a blood drive, Special Olympics, and a canned food drive. The week is highlighted with the Greek Sing.

Intramurals: Alpha Chi Omega participates in almost every intramural, including flag football, volleyball, and soccer. We also participate on Co-Rec teams were we pair up with a fraternity!


Family Weekend: Each Fall, during SEMO’s Family Weekend, Alpha Chi Omega hosts it’s own activities, including attending the football game, and dining out together.


Mom’s Day & Dad’s Day: These are two separate weekends where parents come down to spend time with us and we do a variety of fun activities!

Initiation Dance: This is a celebration of our new initiates! The theme is decided by the new member class.


Golden Lyre Ball: Our Golden Lyre Ball is Alpha Chi’s Fall Formal. At this formal each member of the chapter is recognized and given a superlative from their sisters.

Carnation Ball: Carnation Ball is Alpha Chi’s spring formal. At this formal we recognize a member from each academic class for their achievements and give out an award for Woman of the Year.



Big/Little Reveal

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Finals Party: Each semester before the week of finals our VP Intellectual Development plans a finals party for all of our sisters! At the end of the fall semester, it is a Christmas party and the end of the spring semester is a barbecue!


Sisterhood Events: Each semester we have a number of fun events and activities planned to do with our sisters! These events are great for bonding and having a fun time with each other!

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