Alpha Chi Omega is a sorority founded on the motto, Seek the Heights. This has been used since our founding on October 15, 1885 at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Alpha Chi Omega’s open motto, “Real. Strong. Women.” stands not only for our philanthropy, which strives to empower women in the fight against Domestic Violence, but also helps members develop to their full potential through friendship, leadership, service, and education. Since our founding in 1885, over 193 chapters have been founded across the country, with over 200,000 members initiated.

Alpha Chi Omega’s mission is to enrich the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning and service. Real Strong Women is our commitment to dream big and shape women who want to change the world. Our members are authentic, honest and caring. We help each other build confidence, find courage and develop a sense of purpose. We have fun and embrace new experiences. Our members reach out and help others. We speak up and take action. For 135 years, Alpha Chi Omega has transformed women’s lives.

Delta Epsilon Chapter

★ Founded: April 16, 1983

★Colors: Scarlet Red and Olive Green

★Flower: Red Carnation

★Open Motto: “Together let us seek the heights.”

★National Philanthropy: Increasing awareness of and supporting the victims of domestic violence

★Founders’ Day: Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885 at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. The seven founding members wished to form an organization based on friendship, scholarship, and appreciation for the arts.

★Badge: The badge of Alpha Chi Omega is a Greek lyre of gold, having three twisted strings spanned diagonally by a raised and slightly rounded scroll of black enamel bearing the Greek letters Alpha Chi Omega in gold.

What People Say

“A real sisterhood is Alpha Chi Omega. There are rules for every sorority and these girls follow them in a classy way. Everyone in this group is REAL. You’ll have girls help you with homework, a gym buddy, movie buddies, etc. This group is diverse, yet is connected by one bond, sisterhood for life.”


“This chapter has the most genuine girls on this campus. If you want to be involved and grow into a better person, Alpha Chi Omega is the perfect place for you. I have never met an Alpha Chi that was not friendly and welcoming. They have a strong sisterhood, top grades, and raise a lot of money for their philanthropy.”


“Alpha Chi Omega isn’t just a sorority, it’s a sisterhood composed of genuine, classy, hard-working, strong, beautiful inside and out, women. They are all unique and diverse, yet they all share a love for each other and their sisterhood, and of course, Alpha Chi Omega.”

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